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updated 13 July 2010
Nepal Nepal: from Kathmandu valley to the Everest base camp in Himalayas  Stunning islands - Solovki (severe Russian North) and Japan (another planet) Solovki
Africa: safari in Tanzania, Zanzibar beaches, hope of good Western Cape and churches of Ethiopia
Argentina: the End of the World
The Alps, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Finland
North America: U.S. Wild West and the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico
Северная Америка
Syria Syria: Roman ruins and
the axis of good
  To Tibet from Beijing via Shanghai Tibet and China
Средняя Азия

Central Asia: mosques of Uzbekistan, mountains, lakes and steppes of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

St. Petersburg & Istanbul - cities to go wild and stay easy
Piter Istambul
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